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The Yoursphere App for iOS

Keeping all the best parts of Yoursphere at your fingertips, wherever you go! After working extensively with developers, the Yoursphere app is here, offering all of what makes Yoursphere so unique: customizable profiles, joining or creating spheres centered around members’…

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The Quest2Matter: No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry and Choose2Matter are joining forces with Yoursphere to launch The Quest2Matter: No Kid Hungry. This Quest asks kids “what will you do to end childhood hunger?” About the Quest2Matter: No Kid Hungry The Quest will launch on…

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How to Set Up Xbox One Parental Controls

The Xbox One has some serious potential in terms of being an all-in-one entertainment center for your family. It can access the Internet, initiate Skype calls, connect to social networks, and even sync with your cable box so that you…

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When you see this symbol: #, do you think of the pound sign or do you think of it as a “hashtag”? Though it was invented on Twitter, hashtags have made their way into many aspects of our lives, though…

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