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Ad Blocking on Your Devices

A lot of the inappropriate content you may accidentally run into online is in the form of ads. Even sites that you think are totally benign could end up having an ad for Viagra pop up. So today, we’re bringing…

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Kano: a Kit for Kids who Code

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how to teach kids to code. It’s a great idea but the material is so dense that it’s left many wondering how we can make it accessible to children. Well, a company…

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Google Accounts for Kids?

I’d like to see this happen. There are a lot of kids using Youtube. One survey shows that 26% of children under 13 have a Youtube account despite the fact that it violates Youtube’s terms of service. As a result,…

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Effects of Too Much Screen Time

Spending the whole day staring at a screen doesn’t sound healthy but new research may prove what we already believe to be true. Too much screen time may impact your child’s interpersonal skills and psychological development. A recent study out…

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Ignore No More

Let’s say your child is late getting back from school or practice and you’ve called with no luck; texted them to call you and you haven’t heard back, and now you’re running out of options (and patience). What do you…

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How to Secure Your iCloud Account

As I’m sure you ​are aware, a number of celebrities’ iCloud accounts were recently hacked and their personal pictures and information were non-consensually distributed on the Internet. Unfortunately it seems we live in a world where hacking and violating privacy…

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Netflix Parental Controls Revised

Netflix has updated their parental control settings with the use of “Profiles” for each person using the account. The control options are the same, and the content-ratings are consistent with those used in the previous options. Here’s what you need…

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Disappearing Messaging Apps – What You Need to Know

Popularized by Snapchat, disappearing message apps are flooding online stores and becoming increasingly popular with users of all ages. Social media is an undeniable part of the social lives of young people, where they interact with their friends and peers…

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Snapchat: How to Delete Your Snaps

We’ve written about Snapchat on this site before, and we have mixed feelings, to say the least, about the popular image sharing app. If your child has a Snapchat on their phone or tablet or if you yourself have the…

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Productivity Apps for Families and Teens

There really is an app for everything, including family productivity/organization. Having now reached 1.2 million apps, the iTunes App Store has countless productivity apps, but some are more useful than others for families with hectic schedules.   1. Cozi Family…

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Teachers Being Cyberbullied

Shockingly, a 2011 study performed by the American Psychological Association Board of Educational Affairs Task Force on Classroom Violence Directed Against Teachers, found that 80% of the approximately 3000 K-12 teachers surveyed felt victimized by students, students’ parents, or colleagues….

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10 Android Parental Control Apps

I have received a number of requests from parents looking for solutions to make sure their child’s Android devices are family-friendly ready and safety-enabled. Unlike iOS on Apple mobile devices, Android does not offer any significant parental control capabilities, so…

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How to Set up a Child Friendly YouTube Channel

If your children or young teens are like mine and want their own YouTube accounts to share sports highlights, how-to tutorials, their own home-made movies or product reviews with friends and others their age, follow the steps provided below for…

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nearby friends

How to Disable Nearby Friends on Facebook

Nearby Friends is Facebook’s newest feature that allows your nearly exact location, or your child’s, to be identified so that those in the same geographic area can meet up. Although it may be a useful tool for adults, it is…

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