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4 Free Math Apps for Kids

With everything that people are using apps for these days, it’s no surprise that there is a wealth of educational apps out there. However, if you want an app that will help your child with spelling or, in this case,…

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4 Wearables for Your Kids

It seems like software companies today are chomping at the bit to develop the new big thing in wearable technology and many of them have set their eyes on a younger market. This has turned out some pretty great technology…

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YouTube Kids: Videos for Young Children

Update May 26, 2015: While this app seemed like a great idea when it first came out, it has since been discovered that inappropriate content is appearing in their videos as well as commercials. If Google doesn’t do anything about…

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Vine Kids: A Great App for Children

Whenever I hear that a site designed for adults is launching a service directed at children, I automatically cringe because so many sites and apps have tried and failed to provide a kid-friendly environment that complies with the Children’s Online…

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Facebook Rooms

We recently researched Facebook’s new app “Rooms” to determine if it is something you should be concerned about your child or teen using. After investigating the app, it’s likely the app won’t fall on their list of “must-haves” particularly because…

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Kurio Xtreme Is The Ultimate Christmas Gift For Kids

Tablets are becoming one of the most popular holiday gifts requested by kids, and the market is flooded with iPads and Android tablets which, although they are versatile devices, do not offer comprehensive safety features to ensure an age-appropriate experience…

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Ad Blocking on Your Devices

A lot of the inappropriate content you may accidentally run into online is in the form of ads. Even sites that you think are totally benign could end up having an ad for Viagra pop up. So today, we’re bringing…

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Kano: a Kit for Kids who Code

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how to teach kids to code. It’s a great idea but the material is so dense that it’s left many wondering how we can make it accessible to children. Well, a company…

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Google Accounts for Kids?

I’d like to see this happen. There are a lot of kids using Youtube. One survey shows that 26% of children under 13 have a Youtube account despite the fact that it violates Youtube’s terms of service. As a result,…

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Effects of Too Much Screen Time

Spending the whole day staring at a screen doesn’t sound healthy but new research may prove what we already believe to be true. Too much screen time may impact your child’s interpersonal skills and psychological development. A recent study out…

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Ignore No More

Let’s say your child is late getting back from school or practice and you’ve called with no luck; texted them to call you and you haven’t heard back, and now you’re running out of options (and patience). What do you…

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