Facebook’s New Privacy Settings

In response to recent criticism, Facebook has added new privacy settings and made them easier to access. The new settings give users more security options for who can view content that’s on their profile. In a nutshell, the new privacy…

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Pendaflex Tag Tamer Review

Pendaflex Tag Tamer is a free Facebook application that allows users to find and untag themselves in photos that they’ve been tagged in. Facebook members can use Pendaflex Tag Tamer to filter through tagged photos by month, year or the…

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Why Facebook Wants Your Young Child To Join Their Network

Great article by industry expert, Linda Criddle. Original article http://ilookbothways.com/2012/06/07/why-would-facebook-want-to-enroll-children-in-a-service-built-with-little-regard-for-adult-safetyprivacysecurity-for-the-money/ _____________________________________________________________________ A floundering Facebook is under increased pressure to shore up their revenue and flat per user minutes. So it was no surprise to see the Wall Street Journal report that…

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The Social Media Background Check

Yes. You read that right. A social media background check is now possible thanks to a ruling by the Federal Trade Commission. It also provides us parents with further reinforcement that it’s incredibly important to teach our children how to…

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