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4 Wearables for Your Kids

It seems like software companies today are chomping at the bit to develop the new big thing in wearable technology and many of them have set their eyes on a younger market. This has turned out some pretty great technology…

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Kurio Xtreme Is The Ultimate Christmas Gift For Kids

Tablets are becoming one of the most popular holiday gifts requested by kids, and the market is flooded with iPads and Android tablets which, although they are versatile devices, do not offer comprehensive safety features to ensure an age-appropriate experience…

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Ad Blocking on Your Devices

A lot of the inappropriate content you may accidentally run into online is in the form of ads. Even sites that you think are totally benign could end up having an ad for Viagra pop up. So today, we’re bringing…

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Kano: a Kit for Kids who Code

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how to teach kids to code. It’s a great idea but the material is so dense that it’s left many wondering how we can make it accessible to children. Well, a company…

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AT&T Smart Limits

Has your child ever woke up on a school-day morning looking like they didn’t quite get a full-nights sleep? Have you worried that they’ve been distracted with text messaging when it was homework or study time? Have any of your kids had…

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