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Ad Blocking on Your Devices

A lot of the inappropriate content you may accidentally run into online is in the form of ads. Even sites that you think are totally benign could end up having an ad for Viagra pop up. So today, we’re bringing…

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How to Secure Your iCloud Account

As I’m sure you ​are aware, a number of celebrities’ iCloud accounts were recently hacked and their personal pictures and information were non-consensually distributed on the Internet. Unfortunately it seems we live in a world where hacking and violating privacy…

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Netflix Parental Controls Revised

Netflix has updated their parental control settings with the use of “Profiles” for each person using the account. The control options are the same, and the content-ratings are consistent with those used in the previous options. Here’s what you need…

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Snapchat: How to Delete Your Snaps

We’ve written about Snapchat on this site before, and we have mixed feelings, to say the least, about the popular image sharing app. If your child has a Snapchat on their phone or tablet or if you yourself have the…

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How to Set Up Xbox One Parental Controls

The Xbox One has some serious potential in terms of being an all-in-one entertainment center for your family. It can access the Internet, initiate Skype calls, connect to social networks, and even sync with your cable box so that you…

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Facebook’s New Privacy Settings

In response to recent criticism, Facebook has added new privacy settings and made them easier to access. The new settings give users more security options for who can view content that’s on their profile. In a nutshell, the new privacy…

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How to Set Up Parental Controls on the Wii U

Nintendo has consistently been one of the best family- friendly video game console makers. Additionally, their video game lineup is much more family-friendly than Microsoft’s or Sony’s, they offer some of the most comprehensive parental controls available and their handheld…

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How to Set Windows 8 Family Safety

The Parental Controls in Windows 8, now called Family Safety, can be used to filter websites, set time limits on computer use, monitor and restrict apps purchased from the Windows Store and send activity reports via e-mail to parents–the latter…

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