How to Set Up Parental Controls on the Wii U

Nintendo has consistently been one of the best family- friendly video game console makers. Additionally, their video game lineup is much more family-friendly than Microsoft’s or Sony’s, they offer some of the most comprehensive parental controls available and their handheld…

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How to Set Windows 8 Family Safety

The Parental Controls in Windows 8, now called Family Safety, can be used to filter websites, set time limits on computer use, monitor and restrict apps purchased from the Windows Store and send activity reports via e-mail to parents–the latter…

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Internet Safety – A Balancing Beam for Parents

Balancing safety and freedom on the Internet can be tough for many parents, yours truly included. We all want what’s best for our child, but sometimes we tend to lean too much in one direction. Past monitoring systems didn’t help…

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Keeping Kids Safe Online

This is a guest post from Experian’s SafetyWeb Today’s technology has provided us with amazing tools.  Computers, tablets, smart phones – it’s hard to imagine life without the conveniences they lend to our daily lives for both adults and youth…

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Parent Internet Safety Survey

As a media company that publishes a kids-only social network and an Internet-safety information resource for families, we’re always interested in understanding more about the online-safety practices that parents are using with their children at home. Beyond that, however, there…

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