Parents Sky S., SeeryusMama.com – Yoursphere.com was founded by Mary Kay Hoal, mama to five school aged kiddies. This Mama knows the good that social networking can do and was concerned about letting her kids join social networking sites that…

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Periscope: Don’t Let Strangers Spy on Your Child

It seems everyday there’s a new app on the market promising to be the next big thing but only a handful stick around. Well, Twitter’s new livestreaming app, Periscope, may in fact be “the next big thing” and it appears…

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jailbreak feature

Jailbreaking: What Parents Need to Know

Jailbreaking has been around just about as long as the iPhone has and while most people have heard of jailbreaking, not many know exactly what it is. This is a problem for parents who want to have some control over…

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Is Tech Camp Right for Your Child?

Camp is a wonderful experience. It’s a time when kids get to explore new interests and make friends outside of school. And for many kids, it’s a chance to get away from technology and see what’s going on around them…

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Be Aware: No Vacation for Cyberbullies

Summer vacation is well underway for kids and though we, as parents, try to provide plenty of fun summer activities for them, this is the time of year when kids have little standing between them and their screen-of-choice. And unfortunately,…

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Three Reading Apps for Kids

Reading apps can be expensive. And it’s no wonder. Reading apps have to keep their libraries up to date which means paying for the ebooks that your child will be reading. This usually means there will be an upfront cost,…

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