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Sky S., SeeryusMama.com –

Yoursphere.com was founded by Mary Kay Hoal, mama to five school aged kiddies. This Mama knows the good that social networking can do and was concerned about letting her kids join social networking sites that simply weren’t safe. So, she did something about it. Kudos to Mary Kay! Keep up to date by reading her blog.

Oakland County Mommy Blogger –

Yoursphere is an absolute game-changing idea. Not only is Yoursphere impressive from a content standpoint, it is by far the safest I’ve seen. Brilliant!

Jennifer L., TheDirtyShirt.com –

I am very impressed with this site and so happy that my tween has a way to express herself to others her age in a safe environment. She is having so much fun with it, I recommend Yoursphere to everyone with tweens/teens.

Mom of a Yoursphere Contributing Young Writer –

I am a parent of one of your Yoursphere young writers. I just want to say how much I appreciate that you are giving my daughter a safe, creative, challenging and affirming outlet for her to continue to develop her writing skills. What is more affirming than the responses of peers at this age?! She relishes each assignment. I sometimes even get to read them!

Thank you…all of you at Yoursphere. Your work is so important.



Yoursphere Contributing Writer, Hannah T. –

I am a contributing writer, and i love it!! This little email is to say a BIG thanks to you for starting Yoursphere and making it a safe, fun place for kids to be creative, social and just have fun. I have only had a Yoursphere account for about 3 months, but i already love it way more than Facebook or any other website!! I have a paid job thanks to Yoursphere, i have tons of [online] friends, and it gives me a chance to enter fun contests, share my work with kids from all over the country, and win cool prizes!! So thanks a ton for giving us Yoursphere!!

Yoursphere Members –

I really like yoursphere! It is a very well made website! I like to play the games!

Everything is awesome!

I love being a gold member!!! I love all the contests, and spheres, and just yoursphere!

I love how you can post stuff on the spheres. Thanks for making yoursphere awesomer and awesomer every single day.

I loooooooooooooooooooove this sphere.

This website is rocking the house of all time.

I just wanted to say that yoursphere is really great and cool and awesome!!

I LOVE EVERYTHING its all so awesome I can’t believe there is such a thing as a website that lets you design stuff!

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