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Three Reading Apps for Kids

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Reading apps can be expensive. And it’s no wonder. Reading apps have to keep their libraries up to date which means paying for the ebooks that your child will be reading. This usually means there will be an upfront cost, in-app purchases, or some kind of subscription. But parenting isn’t inexpensive either. So today, we have a list of three educational reading apps for kids that let you try out a number of features for free before you commit to paying for content.

Epic! – Unlimited Books for Kids (ages 2-12)

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If you have an iPad, this is the app to get. The design is clean and modern and provides more kid-friendly ebooks than you can count. This app is better for iPads than it is for iPhones or iPods because the font size in the app appears to be in fine print on a small screen, which is difficult enough for someone who already knows how to read, let alone a kid who is just learning. But on a larger display, it’s perfect. What I particularly like about this app is that it asks parents to enter their child’s age and check off relevant interests so that the app can put together a list of recommended books. The selection of books is practically endless and the stories are fun and interesting. You can use this app for free for a month and then $4.99 per month after that. You have to set up an account to use it by entering an email address and password, but with that login info, you can access the Epic library through any web browser. Epic is currently only available on iOS but promises that it is “coming soon” to Android.

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Endless Reader (ages 2-5)

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Like most of these apps, the Endless Reader app lets you play around with it for free but you’ll have to pay to unlock everything. Believe me, if you let your child play with the free version, they will demand that you pay to unlock the rest of the levels because this app is awesome. To begin with, the design is beautiful. The characters are cute and colorful and they each have their own personalities. But the look isn’t the only thing engaging about this app. In Endless Reader, you drag letters into their correct places in a word and then drag words into their correct places in a sentence. As you’re dragging the words and letters, they wiggle around and call out what sound they make. And once you’ve put the words into their proper places, the characters act out the sentence as it is read aloud. Now, here’s the bad news: it costs $29.99 to unlock all the levels. And as I said earlier, if you let your child play with the demo version, they will want all of the levels. So download at your own risk! It is available on iOS and Android.

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Sight Words Learning Games (ages 2-7)

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Sight Words Learning Games is another app like Endless Reader where you play games to learn simple words (as opposed to Epic! which is more like a kindle for kids). However, unlike Endless Reader, this app has multiple different learning games. The two games you get for free focus on word identification – the app says a word, and you pick it out of a group of other words. You can unlock other levels which teach spelling and recognition for $2.99. The graphics in this app leave something to be desired but the variety of games and low price to unlock them got Sight Words Learning Games on our list. The app is available on iOS and Android.

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Reading apps don’t come cheap but they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. If you’re looking for reading apps on a budget or just want to see if educational apps are right for your kids, give these three a try. As always, too much screen time isn’t a good idea for kids of any age – even if it’s for educational purposes. But if you’re looking for supplemental material to help your young children with basic reading skills, these apps are a good place to start.

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