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4 Free Math Apps for Kids

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With everything that people are using apps for these days, it’s no surprise that there is a wealth of educational apps out there. However, if you want an app that will help your child with spelling or, in this case, basic math skills, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend much on something they’ll only use for a year or two. Which is why today we are bringing you four of the best free apps to teach your child math. The following apps are recommended for children ages six to eight.


Sushi Monster: only on iOS

sushi monster

Sushi Monster is easily my favorite app on this list. It only tests addition and multiplication but where it lacks in variety, it makes up for in attention grabbing graphics and challenging gameplay. In the game, there is a monster in the middle of a sushi bar and it is your job to feed it. The monster holds up a number and you have to pick out the plates of sushi with values that either add up or multiply to the number the Monster is holding. However, you have to be careful that you don’t pick numbers that you’ll need for the next number the monster will ask for, or you’ll paint yourself into a corner. Oddly, this aspect of the game makes addition more challenging than multiplication because you’re less likely to find more than one combination of values to get the right answer.

sushi monster 1 sushi monster 2


Math Monsters: only on iOS

math monsters

Math Monsters tests addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division but its design isn’t quite as fun or engaging as Sushi Monster. Math Monsters works like Bingo. You’re given a 5×5 square grid of numbers and an equation to solve and you have to tap on the number in the grid that answers the question. There is a little strategy in this game in that some numbers appear more than once, but you can only tap one at time, so go for that center square if you get the chance! While this game effectively tests a variety of basic math skills, I can see how a kid could get bored of this app. Solving subtraction problems on intermediate with only bingo as a reward was a little tedious for me but someone who’s only just learned how to subtract might enjoy it a bit more.

math monsters 2


10monkeys Multiplication: free on Android, $1.99 on iOS


10monkeys Multiplication only tests multiplication (as you might have guessed) but it made the list because it’s well designed, engaging, and fast-paced. In this game, you find a tree in which ten monkeys have been locked up in boxes, trunks, burlap bags, etc. Your job is to go up the tree and free the monkeys with multiplication! You free the first monkey by demonstrating your mastery of the two times table, use the three times table for the second monkey, the fours for the third monkey, and so on. The game goes up to the ten times table and has a final level called “Mix” that has a combination of multiplication problems. This game gets pretty fast and it’s easy to accidentally hit the wrong answer, so if your child is easily frustrated, this may not be the app for them. But, that’s also what makes this game hard to put down, because you know you can do better. If your child likes competition and is struggling with multiplication, this is the perfect app for them.

monkeys 1 monkeys 2


Math vs Zombies: free on Android, $4.99 on iOS


Math vs Zombies has a great balance of comprehensive basic math skills and fun. It tests addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. If you’re concerned that zombies are a bit too scary for your child, don’t worry, these are about as non-threatening as brain-eating monsters can be. In this game, zombies slowly walk towards you (like they do) and you zap them by solving the math problems hovering over their heads to turn them back into normal people. The only thing I don’t like about this app is that you can’t pick which difficulty level you want and instead have to start from beginner level 1 and work your way up. Well, such is (after)life.

zombies 2


Parents don’t always have time to encourage their kids to practice math outside of school and homework, but with these apps, your child can continue learning without necessarily feeling like they are. And who knows? Perhaps these simple games could foster an early love for mathematics. So I hope, when your child gets a job at NASA, you’ll think of us and maybe send a card.

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