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4 Wearables for Your Kids

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It seems like software companies today are chomping at the bit to develop the new big thing in wearable technology and many of them have set their eyes on a younger market. This has turned out some pretty great technology that could make your job as a parent a little easier. Here are a few of the best wearables out there for kids.

Filip: $99.99 for ages 4-11

filip 2

Filip comes with a rather steep price tag, but it’s the best wearable for calling and tracking your child. The philosophy behind Filip’s development is that children deserve the same freedom to explore the world around them that their parents had growing up. This wearable is designed to make parents feel more comfortable giving their children more space to do that. With Filip, a child can send and receive calls with up to five set phone numbers and receive short text messages. Parents can use the Filip app (available on both iOS and Android) on their phone to locate their child as well as set up as many as five safe zones. The safe zones are areas, like home or school, that Filip will recognize and notify you if your child enters or leaves one. It even has an emergency button that will start calling your child’s contacts until someone picks up if your child presses it for more than three seconds.

Guardian: $39.95 for ages 3-10

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If Filip is out of your price range, you might be interested in Guardian from BeLuvv. Like Filip, Guardian is meant to keep track of your child’s location and does so primarily with safe zones that you can monitor via a companion app. You can even share this information with other family members so if your child does wander outside of a safe zone, they will be notified as well. Guardian is missing a number of features that Filip has, but it’s also less than half the price.

LeapBand: $28.99 for ages 4-7

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Not all wearables are about keeping tabs on your children. LeapBand by LeapFrog is about fitness. The LeapBand is a bit like a high-tech tamagotchi. Remember those? You have a digital pet that you take care of by completing various challenges. Some of the challenges just require you to play minigames on the device but most of them require you to actually move around. If you’re worried that your child isn’t getting enough exercise, this might be a fun gadget to get them moving.

Sproutling: $299 for ages 0-2

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Sproutling targets an even younger demographic than we usually talk about, but it’s just too cool not to include on this list. This is a wearable for babies. I’m sure you’re wondering why a baby would need a $299 wearable but the thing is, babies are terrible communicators. If they’re upset, it can be very difficult to know what’s bothering them. Sproutling makes everything a bit more predictable. It can tell you if your baby is asleep, awake, awake and fussy, if the volume in their room is too loud, if your baby has a high temperature, elevated heart rate, or has rolled onto their stomach in their sleep. Unfortunately, if you’re interested in getting one of these, you’ll have to join a waitlist. Unsurprisingly, they are completely sold out.

Hopefully products like these will continue to make parenting a bit easier but remember, Filip and other wearables are not a substitute for being involved with your child’s safety. They’re only meant to give your child more room to explore and give you a little peace of mind. So far, wearables for kids seem to focus on child safety and exercise, but who knows where they will go in the future. We’ll keep you updated so you know what’s out there, and if we find one that doesn’t happen to be a good thing like these four, we will let you know.

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