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Vine Kids: A Great App for Children

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Whenever I hear that a site designed for adults is launching a service directed at children, I automatically cringe because so many sites and apps have tried and failed to provide a kid-friendly environment that complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Vine Kids, however, is not one of those apps.

Vine itself has a lot of inappropriate content. It’s amazing how offensive people are capable of being in only six seconds or less. But Vine Kids has none of that. Instead of being an interactive service of posting videos and finding content from anyone in the world, Vine Kids is more like a gallery of curated kid-intended videos. The app doesn’t ask you for any information, you can’t record or upload videos, you simply swipe through the content provided.

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I was actually really surprised when I first downloaded it. When I opened the app and saw a short video start to play, I thought I was looking at a welcome screen that would explain all the features available. But that was all there was. There was nothing to explain. The point of this app is to watch cute little videos and here they are.

The app doesn’t have any particular educational value so you probably shouldn’t let your child spend all day on it, but there is absolutely nothing harmful on the app. And as far as COPPA compliancy is concerned, they pass with flying colors simply because they don’t gather any personal information in the first place. The bottom line in terms of child safety is that because the app is not interactive, it cannot possibly be misused.

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If at any time in the future, your child is asked to create an account to upload a video, let us know. We will review the app again. Most companies fail miserably attempting to follow children’s online privacy laws. Verifiable consent must be provided. Until then, let your kids enjoy Vine Kids.

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