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Kurio Xtreme Is The Ultimate Christmas Gift For Kids

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Tablets are becoming one of the most popular holiday gifts requested by kids, and the market is flooded with iPads and Android tablets which, although they are versatile devices, do not offer comprehensive safety features to ensure an age-appropriate experience for younger users. The Kurio Xtreme operates using Android but gives parents much more control over their children’s usage than any other tablet available. And for families on a budget, the Kurio Xtreme is substantially less than iPads and other Android tablets. It retails for $141.00 before sales or other discounts.

Kurio’s safety features include: internet filtering, separate profiles, parental area, and time controls.

Profiles: Kurio offers several pre-set profile options based on desired functionality, or you can create your own custom profile type.




Pre-set profiles have restrictions in place according to web access privileges, but the custom profiles allow parents the ability to customize each preference based on their child’s needs and age.

Internet Filtering: Kurio presets allow kids to access websites that have been analyzed and classified as safe by their Kurio Genius Filtering System. Web content accessed on the device will be filtered according to the age of the preset modes which can be used as a guideline for parents who aren’t sure what content they’d like to allow. With any preset mode or custom filters, the “Website Management List” can be edited to block specific websites.


Time Controls: Comprehensive time controls, such as those found on the Kurio, are an excellent way to establish and enforce ground rules with your child regarding how much screentime they can have. The simple-to-use interface also makes editing the time controls very easy, so a parent can allow their child more or less time with the Kurio as incentive to do chores or homework.


Parental Area: Kurio’s Parental Area is a control hub that allows easy access to your child’s profile permissions and restrictions. For example, rewarding good grades with extra usage time, or limiting functionality during school hours by setting time constraints.

Each profile has unique settings and a single device can support up to 8 unique profiles with varying restrictions according to age and maturity.


As a parent, you control which of the countless pre-loaded apps approved by Common Sense Media your child can access, and what apps they are able to download from the Google Play Store (if you choose to allow access to the store). Now that we’ve covered all the aspects parents will love, the content and activities the kids have access to is fantastic and that’s where the fun-for-kids starts!

Kurio Xtreme comes pre-loaded with apps for games, music, movies, videos, e-books, and kid-friendly social apps that scale to fit different age groups. A sampling of just a few of these includes: Alpha Grab, a spelling game; Booksy, a library of children’s books; and Coloring, a digital coloring book.

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And of course, the feature we at Yoursphere are most excited about is the inclusion of the Yoursphere app! Using your tablet for the first time, Yoursphere will need to be updated since we’ve made significant improvements to app functionality following the launch of the Kurio Xtreme. To ensure that your child has the best possible Yoursphere experience, the updated version should be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This can be done by searching “Yoursphere” in the play store and performing the installation of the latest version.

In Yoursphere, your child can create their own profile to show off their personal style, meet new friends in the buzzing community, or just stay connected through photos, videos, and blogs, and chat with their own friends. They can join spheres centered around the things they like (fashion, animals and pets, sports, performing arts, movies, TV, books, travel, charitable causes, or art and photography!) or make their own. Yoursphere gives them all the tools they’ll need. If your child likes to write, they can create a blog! Do they like taking pictures? We have editing tools to enhance their best work. They can also create polls to see what their friends think about something, tag other members for being kind, funny, creative, and more, participate in fun contests with great prizes, earn credits through community participation that they can redeem for real rewards, become a featured member, or a contributing writer, and so much more.

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The comprehensive parental controls on the Kurio make it the perfect gift for children who aren’t quite ready for total freedom on the internet. The fact that the Kurio is made specifically for kids sets it apart from other tablets on the market. It puts children’s online safety first, which is something you don’t see a lot. The Yoursphere team is proud to have our app on this device.

The Kurio Xtreme can be purchased online at Amazon or at national retailers like Target and Walmart.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and happy peace-of-mind.

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