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Let’s say your child is late getting back from school or practice and you’ve called with no luck; texted them to call you and you haven’t heard back, and now you’re running out of options (and patience). What do you do next? Well if you have Ignore No More installed on their phone, you could open the app, make up an original four digit pin number, and lock their phone wherever they are. You may find they’re suddenly eager to hear your voice. You get your phone call and they get that pin number to unlock their phone.

Ignore No More is an app for the Android made specifically for the purpose of getting your child or (more likely) teen to call you back. When their phone is locked, they can only call you or an emergency responder. Here’s how you set it up:

1. Download the app from the Amazon Appstore for Android.

2. Locate the icon for the app and tap to launch it.

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3. If this is your first time using Ignore No More and you don’t have a household account yet, tap Create Parent Account. Otherwise, enter your email and password to login.

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4. Fill out the registration form. Be sure to pick a password that is at least eight characters long.

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5. For any other parent accounts, simply download the app and login with the email and password you just registered with.

The next part is for your child’s device.

1. Download the app from the Amazon Appstore for Android.

2. Login with the email and password you made earlier.

3. You will be asked if you are registering the phone for a parent or a child. Select “Child.”

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4. In order for the app to lock the phone, you have to give the app permission to be a device administrator. When asked for permission, tap “Activate.”

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5. For Samsung Galaxy, HTC, or LG devices, find “Contacts” on your child’s phone and find “Groups.” There, you should find a group called “ICE – emergency contacts.” Enter the phone numbers your child will be able to call while their phone is locked. This is the last step for these manufacturers, but if the phone is a Nexus, you will have to follow the remaining steps.

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6. If the phone is a Nexus, go to the “People” app and create a new group called “INM.” Add contacts to this group that you want your child to be able to call when their phone is locked.

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7. Now you need to install the Ignore No More lock screen widget. To do this, lock the phone (there should be a button on the side or top of your device that locks and unlocks your phone). Now swipe left until you see a plus symbol.

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8. Tap the plus symbol and scroll until you find the Ignore No More widget.

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9. Tap the widget to activate it and you’re done. You can now remotely lock your child’s phone.

If your child tries to tamper with the app’s admin role, their phone will automatically lock. You can unlock their phone from your device but be sure that you have their phone with you because once you unlock it, it will show a pop-up window asking if you want to proceed with disabling the app’s admin rights.

The nice thing about this app is that if you don’t know what your kid is up to and think they could be in trouble, you’re not cutting them off from contacting authorities. They may not like it, but not knowing where your child is or what they’re doing can be scary, and it’s reasonable to want to hear from them. Ignore No More isn’t about controlling your child. It’s about teaching them that it’s important they answer their phone when you call them (or call you right back if for some reason they can’t pick up) and not being left out of the loop.

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  • This sounded like my dream come true, but here are the problems with this site:

    1) Doesn’t work if you have an Android and your child has an iPhone.
    2) Child’s phone can only be locked if they miss a call.
    3) Child can remove app easily once it’s unlocked.

    Hopefully this company changes these issues, then it would be a huge success!

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