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The Yoursphere App for iOS

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Keeping all the best parts of Yoursphere at your fingertips, wherever you go! After working extensively with developers, the Yoursphere app is here, offering all of what makes Yoursphere so unique: customizable profiles, joining or creating spheres centered around members’ interests (fashion, animals & pets, sports, performing arts, movies & TV, books, travel, charitable causes, and art & photography), contests with real prizes, engaging content, unlimited user-created polls, featured members, contributing writers chosen from within the community, sharing with friends on Facebook and Twitter and so much more.

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Yoursphere mobile also allows for users to tag and get tagged (by their friends) for being creative, funny, kind, athletic or talented.

The camera feature allows users to share images instantaneously through the app interface and use filter effects when they upload. In addition to improving the accessibility of the network, the app enables new users to create an account and immediately participate in the community. Consistent with the full Yoursphere site, the mobile app is C.O.P.P.A compliant.

Yoursphere is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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