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Steps to Take When a Fake Account Has Been Set Up on Instagram

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I received a request for help from a parent regarding an important issue. A fake Instagram account had been set up under her child’s name.This is what she said:

Just in the past two days, someone impersonated my underage daughter and created an Instagram account using her profile picture and posting some sexually explicit pictures of a without a head shot. I immediately filed an online complaint with Instagram to which they responded immediately with an email (probably automatically issued by their system when someone completes their online form) asking for more information. I responded to the email, however, I have yet to receive a response and my subsequent emails have not been answered. There is no telephone number to call and speak to someone at Instagram. How can we get Instagram to remove the account or at least remove my daughters picture from the account profile? Thanks for your help.

I responded with the following suggestions and steps. While Instagram has a corporate office headquarters, I included Facebook’s information, as they now own Instagram.

First, make contact as soon as possible to notify Instagram of the fake account. When making initial contact about the account be sure to include a link to the profile. The next step is to take a screenshot of the profile and content, and mail them a hard copy as follow up.

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Here is the contact information:

1. Instagram Corporate Office Headquarters 181 South Park Street Suite 2. San Francisco, California 94107. Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-857-3369

2. Facebook’s information:
Contact number : +1.6505434800 (There are prompts for customer service and law enforcement)
Office Location : P.O. Box 77421, San Francisco, California, United States



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  • I would like to know who made this fake account with the name of lopez j they are telling my husband that is me when is not me making that fake intergram I would like to know if you guys could see from were they did that account and from what phone or computer if you could please help soon because my marriage and my kids happiness is counting with ur investigation please help keep my family thank you I will like to her from you soon thank you

  • An ex-boyfriend (99% sure) got into my daughter’s Instagram account and changed the password, then posted a semi-nude picture (no head or identifying marks). He said it was her and then posted horrible comments about her. She immediately deleted and blocked him from following her. She was in a group of friends, with which he is friends with too. He began saying mean and hurtful things in this group. She got out of the group, but he continues to add her back and says terrible things about her in the group. We can’t prove he changed her account but the postings in the group are definitely his. We have spoken with his dad, but he continues to post. What can we do?

  • Someone used my name and stole some of my profile picture in my boyfriend facebook to impersonate me. She even blocked me for seeing it. I had report to instagram. I know even they closed this account, she may create another account to do the same shit. But what else I could do, especially while you are in Malaysia.

  • A fake account was set up using my son’s name and pictures. It says vial things and I would like it removed immediately. We learned about this as my son’s school called him down to the office regarding this. Please let me know asap that this will be taken care of. My son is just 13!

  • Someone has made a fake account on instagram which is bismaismail posting my pictures.
    I want it to be disabled as soon as possible.

  • Somebody haves a fake Instagram and cursing & more and posting nude photos about Men’s and woman’s can you please take down there Instagram or do something about it I been reporting it and spamming it for about 2days and it still up let me know I post my email in the box

  • someone set up a bogus Instagram acct using my email. I have the email (mine) and user name (from all the welcome emails). Their half assed contact us form would not go through even though I filled it out entirely. All other forms of contact have been ignored.
    Maybe coincidentally, someone did the same thing a few years ago on facebook, never did find out exactly what happened, but am “banned for life” from facebook and got no where then either.
    Can’t see how anyone would use these sites with their slack security and non-existent customer service.

  • There is a fake account of me on Instagram it is called @hanifahmiahh____ , this account is posting mean things about me and using I’m very stressed and I don’t want my face to be shown nowhere because of the embarrassment please can you take this down as soon as possible, my real account is @hanifamiah_

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