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How to Set up a Child Friendly YouTube Channel

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If your children or young teens are like mine and want their own YouTube accounts to share sports highlights, how-to tutorials, their own home-made movies or product reviews with friends and others their age, follow the steps provided below for parents and teens.

These simple steps will help them enjoy the benefits of having their own YouTube account without some of the pitfalls that exist if their account isn’t set up properly.

For those 12 and younger:

  1. Set up a Gmail account for your child using your information. Google’s Terms of Service state that a user must be 13 or older. This is what I did for my children when they were that age.
  2. Use a screen name for their YouTube account. Members of Yoursphere that have YouTube accounts (including my own children) use their Yoursphere screen name. Do not use real first and last names on YouTube.
  3. Set YouTube view to “Safety Mode”. This is good to do, regardless, so that the content is filtered.
    youtube safety lock
  4. In their video, if they refer to themselves, have them say their screen name. (i.e. “Hi, this is ‘BlueMan’ reviewing this new video……”)
  5. Turn off the ability to leave comments. This is where rude comments, or otherwise unnecessary interaction, can take comments off
  6. When publishing a video, select “Unlisted” – Anyone with a link can unlisted
    *Note, if you upload off your phone, you will need to repeat these steps regarding marking as “Unlisted”. Eventually, you are prompted by a message that asks if you’d like to keep these settings for all future videos. So, be sure you continue to mark “Unlisted” until the prompt arrives. My kids learned to do it immediately.
  7. If your child is a Yoursphere member, they can post the video link in the relevant sphere (i.e. Movies & TV or Fashion) like others in the Yoursphere community who have YouTube accounts. Only members of Yoursphere will be able to view their videos.
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For those 13 and above:

  1. Set up a Gmail account.
  2. Advise your child to use a screen name or their first initial. If they are utilizing their YouTube channel for college recruiters, a good idea is to use their first name and last initial.
  3. Set YouTube view to “Safety Mode”.
  4. Turn off the ability to leave comments.
  5. Publish to “Public” only if you are absolutely sure the videos posted are a positive reflection of your teen.
  6. If your teen is a member of Yoursphere, as in the example above, have them share their videos in the relevant spheres.


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  • Hi, my little one is going to be 5 in October. One of her favorite past times is watching–age appropriate– youtube content on our ipad. Things like Disney collector, chasetv, etc are fine for her to watch and educational. But a problem arises when she starts to navigate using the sidebar of suggested videos…sometimes she is able to arrive at content that is not appropriate.

    I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for creating an environment on youtube where she will only have access to material that is appropriate for her? Will creating a gmail account with safety mode enabled accomplish this? Thanks in advance!

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