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How to Set Parental Controls on Kindle Fire HD

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Amazon’s Kindle isn’t just for reading your favorite author’s newest novel anymore. The new Kindle Fire HD can do anything a laptop or tablet can do. This means, if you have children who use the Kindle, you should know how to enable its parental control settings so that your child can have an age-appropriate experience.

Thankfully, Amazon has made setting the parental controls on the Kindle Fire HD very intuitive. To enable parental control settings, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap “More” in the notification 1
  2. Select “Parental Controls” and create a password that is at least four characters long. (Keep this password to yourself. Sharing it will allow restrictions to be turned off.)
  3. Select “On” next to where it says “Parental Controls”.

Now your Kindle will require that password to download content.

You can also customize your parental controls to allow certain functions and disallow others while parental controls are enabled. To do so:

  1. Enter the “Parental Controls” menu like you did in step one above and enter the password you created.
  2. Enable or disable parental controls on a variety of functions.
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  3. Select “Block and Unblock Content Types” to block or unblock content based on the type of media i.e. music, videos, apps, etc. This function is a step beyond keeping your kids from downloading inappropriate content; if you block a content type, your child can’t access it even if you’ve already downloaded it. A grounded child, for instance, would be able to read but not access any of their apps or games.

The Kindle Fire’s app, FreeTime, allows parents to set up profiles for their kids that limit the amount of time each profile can access specific content. To set up a profile:

  1. Be sure that your system has been updated recently.
  2. Open the FreeTime app and create a profile for your child.
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  3. Select “Manage Child Profiles”.
  4. Select the profile you wish to edit and select “Manage Your Content”.
  5. Here you can choose which books, movies, apps, etc. you want your child to have access to. This is perfect if you’re reading more mature material that you don’t want your child to see.
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  6. To set specific hours for your child to use the Kindle, go back to “Manage Your Content”.
  7. Select “Daily Goals & Time Limits” and tap “On” on the following page.
  8. Adjust the sliders to indicate how much time you want to allow your child to use the Kindle per day and how much time they are allowed per content type.
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These settings will be automatically saved when you leave the Parental Controls menu.

Amazon has designed a device with pretty impressive parental controls but it still isn’t perfect. FreeTime is clearly designed for younger kids up to age 8, but not preteens and teenagers. With its Disney Channel-esque layout and color scheme, your child might be too embarrassed to use FreeTime by the time they’re in middle school.

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The parental controls on the Kindle Fire are all or nothing. If your child does not have your password (which they shouldn’t) and they are only allowed to use the Kindle in FreeTime, they won’t be able to leave the app. This is perfect for parents who don’t want their young children surfing the internet, browsing the app store, or simply changing the language settings. If your child is 12 years of age or older, they are going to be very bored with the limitations of FreeTime.




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  • Is there a way in Freetime to move a reading app from the Apps content folder to the Books content folder to allow more access time?

  • I’m wanting to completely block all social media sites such as Facebook ,Kik, messenger tango and so on. Any one know if this is possible to do. She has a fire hd8 tablet.

  • I have the same issue, there’s got to be a way to load a browser. I assume there is a
    folder somewhere that has all the shared apps, and it must be the browser apps never get
    there or is simply blocked. Any ideas?

  • Is there any way for a kid to use a kid safe browser such as K9 Web Protection or Mobicip from Kindle Free Time? They aren’t available from the Amazon app store (for kindle). I side loaded them, however K9 shuts down after launching and FreeTime doesn’t let me add Mobicip. Mobicip seems to work, but just not from Free Time.

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