New “Honey Encryption” Technology May Make Your Data Safer

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We’ve been talking a lot recently about hackers and how they can access your information but it looks like there’s a new encryption method in development that will make hacking into a database much harder.

The way that most hackers work is that they use software that guesses hundreds of thousands of potential keys to decrypt encrypted data. When the software guesses a wrong key, the hacker gets back indecipherable nonsense that is clearly not the data they are looking for so they know they have to keep trying.


This new method of protecting your data, called Honey Encryption, delivers the hacker fake data that looks like real data when they guess the wrong key or password. The hacker can’t tell if the data they’re looking at is real of fake.

This could be a huge step forward in preventing major data leaks like Target had late last year. If Target had access to this kind of technology in 2013, the hackers would have been rewarded with countless fake credit card numbers and no payout.

While this kind of encryption probably won’t be implemented commonly anytime soon, imagine if even gmail had this technology; someone tries to hack in to your gmail account and all they see is fake email. You know what your email looks like but a hacker would have no idea.

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