A Great Technology Solution that will Help Children with Dyslexia

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Dyslexia occurs in 5% of children and can cause tremendous learning challenges for those with the disorder. Dyslexia makes it extremely difficult for children to learn to read fluently and with accurate comprehension despite the fact that these children have normal intelligence.

The Yoursphere For Parents editorial team found a tool – a font that can be utilized on your computer, smart phone or tablet – that offers great assistance for those with dyslexia. The font increases readability.

OpenDyslexic is an open source typeface you can download for free. On their site you will find browser extensions that will change the font of the websites you visit to the OpenDyslexic font.

Testimonials from OpenDyslexic’s Facebook page confirm trying this font out is a must:

My 6 yr old daughter was recently diagnosed as being Dyslexic. I tested her with this font using words she knows ( her name, Mommy, Daddy, and her siblings names), and using the Arial font. With no hesitation, each time she picked your font being easier to understand/read/and see in general. I LOVE how she actually smiled when I asked her to read a couple more words.

This is amazing! I’m pretty dyslexic and this helps me so much I almost started crying! I usually can’t read out loud with out extreme stuttering but when I tried this font I could actually think about what I was reading, I didn’t have to spend all my energy struggling from word to word. When I tried reading in my head I was reading faster than I have ever in my whole life! Thank you so much!

If you or your child would benefit from this tool and would like to learn more, visit their website ( for more information.  If you’re ready to get started, here’s a step-by-step guide for you to follow:

Web Browsing

To see web pages in OpenDyslexic, follow the steps below. Note: The extension only works on Chrome, Opera 11 and 12, and Safari, so if you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, this won’t work for you.

1. At their home page, click the button that says “Download Now!”.

2. Follow the link provided for whichever browser you use.

3. Click “add extension” (this may differ depending on which browser you are looking at)

4. And voila, you should now be able to visit site and see the text displayed in OpenDyslexic.

Don’t panic parents if you install the font on your browser and later want to uninstall it, follow these steps, and everything will be fine:


1: Click on the three bars in the upper right side of your browser window

google chrome

2: Go to Tools.

3. Click on Extensions.

4. OpenDyslexic should be in a list of extensions with a checked box next to where it says, “enabled.” Uncheck that box.

5. Your browser should be back to normal.


1: Open your toolbar in the upper left of your browser window


2. Click on Extensions.

3. OpenDyslexic should be in a list of extensions with a button that says, “disable.” Click that button.

4. Your browser should be back to normal.


1: Click on where it says Safari on your toolbar


2. Go down to Preferences

3. Click on the extensions tab.

4. Choose the OpenDyslexic extension

5. Click the uninstall button

Using the Font for Programs Like Word

You can also download OpenDyslexic onto your computer and open it in programs like Word. You need to be a little tech savvy for this one:

1. From the home page, click “Download Now!”

2. Scroll down to where it says “Mac, Windows, Raw Font Files”

3. Click “Download from”

4. Click “Download”


5. Using a program like WinZip or 7zip, unzip the downloaded files

6. Move the files into C:\Windows\Fonts for windows or /Library/Fonts for Macs

Using the Font on Mobile Devices

OpenDyslexic even works on iPhones, iPads, and Android. OpenDyslexic provides a download for your mobile device but there is also an app called openWeb. This app is a web browser that displays the sites you visit in OpenDyslexic.

I hope this new font will be a helpful tool for you or your child.

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