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How to Set Netflix Parental Controls

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Parents, if your family’s like mine, then they enjoy Netflix at home and on-the-go. While there are a number of quality shows, and a section devoted specifically to kids, know that your child or younger teen can still access adult content, some of which is rated TV-MA.

The great thing about Netflix is they make it super easy to set parental controls. I also like that the only place you can adjust parental controls is from your computer, so as long as your children don’t know your account password, you’ll be the only one who can adjust the controls.

Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1) From a computer, log in to your Netflix account and click the Your Account link in the top right corner.


Step 2) Scroll down and click the Parent Control Setting link under Preferences.


Step 3) On the next page, you’ll be presented with a slider that you can adjust based on the age of your children, or based on the type of content you want to allow of that specific day.


You can change this at any time, but keep in mind these changes can take up to 8 hours to take effect on some devices. Below is a breakdown of how Netflix provides content for each setting.

netflix 4If you live outside of the United States, you can learn more about these settings apply to your country rating codes by visiting this page.

Netflix also warns parents of the following:

  • On the website, you may still see box art for restricted content on the Watch Instantly homepage and in search results, but these titles will not be playable if they exceed your current maturity levels.
  • On your devices, restricted content will still appear in Netflix search results, but will be unavailable for playback if the maturity rating of the title exceeds the current maturity levels for your account.

Parents, as I mentioned at the beginning of this guide, Netflix is a great family entertainment service, but as with any online service or digital device, we have to be mindful of the content that our children have access to before they access it. So, use these tools to your advantage, and if you have family or friends with young children, be sure to tell them about it too.

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  • Netflix parental controls do not exist so parents who care about their family BEWARE!!! Pornography is at the click of a button for anyone who can read or navigate off of the KIDS section. There is ZERO password protection on anything. I have cancelled my account because of this reason. It is disgusting that Netflix supports pornography and sexual violence by offering it. Good job Netflix for supporting something that turns people into abusers, and molesters. YOU don’t care about families or children by supporting pornography!

    • I totally agree with the comments here. Netflix does not provide adequate parental controls. My children are regularly exposed to inappropriate cover art while searching for perfectly acceptable content. I’m done. I’ll spend my money elsewhere where they care about families.

    • There is a way, it just takes while to find it. Go to the main profile and click on your icon. Click “Your Account” and find you will see the option for parental controls. You can set a 4 digit pin and if the kids ever play something over what you allow, they will not be able to watch it.

  • Anyone needing controls better than Netflix provides can go to Account sign up is free. Just put their DNS addresses into your router, and choose whatever you wish to block. I’ve been using it for years to block all types of nastiness.

  • Netflix lack of control is atrocious, I’m seriously considering cancelling it, specially now that they’re adding porn in the guise of “Foreign Movies”.
    I mean jeezus, I have DNS filters to block porn when my kids browse the internet, but Netflix becomes the security loophole as it renders all that filtering useless because hardcore porn and violence is available to ANY KID just by changing to a parent’s Netflix profile.

    • I completely agree with everyone else that Netflix’s parental controls are pretty pointless right now. Children can exit out of the Kids profile too easily. A password should definitely be required. Please fix that soon. The other day my 12 year old daugther by mistake saw something very ugly 🙁

  • It is very frustrating that Netflix hasn’t made it a priority to have better parental controls for their service. I work with the IT industry and it wouldn’t be hard to require a PASSWORD in order to set up NEW USERS or Change Settongs on existing accounts. It is critical on both because my teenager circumvents the system now by creating a new account because the new ones show up with Adult as the setting. The second part is allow the owner (with access to the settings) to enter a 4-digit code that must be entered when anything over the Pre-set ratings tries to be accessed. This works well for Direct TV and other cable services. Doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult. I just pray that Netflix takes this more seriously as an issue.

  • I completely agree with everyone else that Netflix’s parental controls are pretty pointless right now. Children can exit out of the Kids profile too easily. A password should definitely be required.

    I did just read an article that you can use Guided Access (under Accessibility settings) on iPhones and iPads to make it so that the Exit Kids button on Netflix doesn’t work. I’m definitely going to try this out! Here’s the link:

  • seem like the simple solution to the problem would be to have a password for each setting. When wanting to change the settings a password should be required. what is 3 passwords and they could be provided when first signing up to Netflix. If you decide to be careless and expose your child to the passwords that are not in their age range then you are at fault not Netflix. Give the child the password that is suitable for their age. simple simple simple Netflix.

    • But the problem is that when the child turns the device on, they can select the adults profile instead of their own profile without having to input a password. Not only that but if I set up my child on the device, selecting their profile, they can easily leave that profile and have access to the adult content with the click of a button- NO PASSWORD required!! I have no way of locking my child out of the accounts that are inappropriate for their viewing!!

      • That’s correct, so what you have to do is what we outline in the article:

        1. set adults profile to the same as your child’s.
        2. every time you’d like to watch a show, you have to log in with your password, change your account settings, watch your show, then log back in and set your content setting back to the same as your child’s.

        Admittedly it’s a hassle and Netflix should fix this so each profile has a password.

    • you can’t create different passwords for profiles. there is only one username and one password for ALL the profiles.

  • this is the most primitive parental control I have ever seen and is completely ineffective. Time to look for a new service that provides adequate protections for our children.

    • Kids can still access adult profile on TV since all profiles are displayed (adults and kids). Just got done chatting with netflix rep who stated the function of having a password protected profile (especially for adults) is coming soon. Not timeline but “soon”. Currently the settings are useless.

    • We are using the free trial and would otherwise keep the service when time is up, but for the weak parental controls. The parental settings are absolutely useless and serve no purpose. Why isn’t this taken care of already?

  • Seems like the simple answer is to allow each profile to have it’s own password and separate permissions, but only allow the primary to update the permissions online. If you have to charge a few bucks more, ok. But agree with the above posts that this really does defeat the purpose.

  • Also frustrated with this and dissapointed netflix hasnt resolved the issue. We are having to remove the app from our 6 yr olds kindle and tv because all she has to do is clivk on the adults profile to begin watching innapropiate content. And there is no way to prevent it unless we are standing there monitoring every minute of it. Kind of defeats the purpose of a parental cobtrol when you have to be the parental control yoursef. Cmon netflix, get it together.

  • Netflix does NOT make it super easy. They make it almost impossible. If I set it so they can’t watch R-rated movies, then I can’t watch them either unless I want to wait 8 hours for the change to happen? Ridiculous.

  • also note even if you set 2 of the profiles as kids under 12. and leave the 3rd as an adult. those settings will not stop content if the net flix app is used instead of a browser. example say you have your kids set for under age 12. and you decide to watch scandal tonight. well when your 8 year old opens his netflix login it will show him that you watched scandal. and if he or she clicks it, it will play. now if he or she searches for it manually it won’t play. but once you watch something in the adult profile the kids profile get a list with you profile name that they can click on which is dumb lol.

    I think netflix is doing this on purpose so that adults will have to pay for 2 separate accounts

    • I see no way to keep the kids from changing the parental control settings for their profile. I need a separate password to be requested when a parental control change is attempted. My kids could choose any profile when first logging in. It’s very easy for my kids to get around the parental control by switching profiles on the app. I’m forced to set me and my wife’s profiles to the teen setting to limit all of the profiles but nothing prevents my kids from getting on the browser and changing parental controls on their profile. This needs to be resolved by Netflix. Just allow me to define a separate password for changing parental controls and I’ll keep that password from the kids.

      • Ahhh! I just had to revoke access to all devices and change our password. We just caught my 10 year old step daughter switched profiles so she could watch Orange is the New Black! VERY inappropriate!

        • Is this lack of ability to provide a **simple** change to parental controls intentional? Or, are the people running NetFlix really that stupid & unconcerned?

          If you let your kids watch on a laptop, they can *easily* change the rating to mature, without requiring a password. It didn’t use to be this way!

          The best way to show your distaste is to unsubscribe & move to a new service.

          • It has to be intentional, because of how big and established they are, and how easy it is to fix. They want people to buy two accounts, so that one can have parental controls that actually work. I can’t use Netflix like this. I’ll be looking for something else, and I already cancelled my membership.

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