Zilly Dilly Kid-Friendly iPad Browser Review

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ZillyDilly (www.zillydilly.com) is a free app for the iPad. In a nutshell, ZillyDilly was designed to give parents some control over the content that their child views on the Internet. What’s interesting about it is that it isn’t just another “kid-friendly” browser; it’s actually a curated media manager. ZillyDilly lets children explore thousands of websites that have been curated by ZillyDilly using a panel of more than 25 different criteria. This gives children a more “sanitized version” of the Internet rather than an Internet portal with some protections built into it. As you can imagine, that’s a huge plus for parents because it means their child can’t circumvent filters and get to inappropriate content like they can with some of the other “child-friendly” web browsers.

Account creation for ZillyDilly was very straightforward, but the same can’t be said about customization. In order to give your child access to websites in ZillyDilly, you need to go through a curated list of websites and manually select each one. The list is quite comprehensive as it has a wide variety of website categories, most of which are informational and entertaining, and all age-appropriate. Unfortunately, there is no way to quickly sort through them other than the search bar. Instead of listing the sites in alphabetical order they’re listed based on the rating given by Dr. Eitan D. Schwarz, a professional psychiatrist, making it confusing to find the sites you’re looking for. If you’re trying to build a large list of approved sites, this can become quite frustrating.

When it comes to setting time limits, the application automatically determines what the time limit will be based on the percentage of time your child uses the iPad for non-school reasons. You can set it so that there aren’t any time limits at all, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that parents don’t have the option to manually configure time limits for their child. The lack of customization of this feature was disappointing, especially since “setting time limits” is a feature that is prominently displayed on the ZillyDilly iTunes page.

That aside, ZillyDilly is worth checking out if you’re in the market for a safe, age-appropriate web browser for your child’s iPad. It has a broad selection of websites to choose from, including categories such as “Family Relationships” and “Socialization”. That being said, customization might feel like a chore. In today’s media-centric world where app developers are working to make the user experience as seamless as possible, ZillyDilly seems like a relic. With the implementation of better organization options, customizable time limits and faster loading times, ZillyDilly would be on-par with the rest of the products in the mobile safe web-browsing genre.

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  • Really it a great for kids they are using internet. This is a good browser for kids are also it is safe for kid’s activities. The ZillyDilly is worth checking out if you are in the market for a safe, age-appropriate web browser for your child’s iPad for browsing. This is the best way of entertainment for kid’s life and teaches new things with the help of ZillyDilly browser. Really we appreciate to that person that launching this browser.

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  • ZILLYDILLY is here to stay and improve over time. So thank you, Mary, for your thoughtful review, and we will certainly take your POVs seriously as we go forward. In fact, we count on such expert advice so we can continue to improve ZillyDilly. In fact, we have already added features since you tested your version, and more are on the way. BTW, changes are on our servers, so they appear automatically on the parent site free.

    As a child psychiatrist, Dr. S built into ZillyDilly’s initial design expert views about what is healthiest for kids, while at the same time striving for a reasonable balance with user experience. While users might vary widely in how much convenience they want, what an expert advises for their kids best interest may not be as flexible. Moreover, as user experience accumulates in homes and schools, ZillyDilly will strive to increase its benefits to kids with as much convenience and flexibility to parents as possible.

    Mary, please let us remember that while ZillyDilly needs commercial success to survive, that is not its main purpose, nor of the book on which it is based (which is now available for free at ZillyDilly.com). There is no other product like it – it is the first ever attempt to educate, empower, and give parents and educators an actual science-based tool to manage online curated content and time and give kids a healthy, balanced online experience. In return, parents do get involved and put in some effort. But it is fun and an opportunity to embed the online experience in family life from an early age and teach good online habits.

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