Family iBoard Review – A Social Networking Tool Created Just for Families

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The Family iBoard, which is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and all iOS devices, gives your family their own secure Private Family Network. Think of it as a digitally secure safe where your family members can share private information and content with each other without worrying about their privacy being violated. It’s also a great way to keep that information and content from getting lost, being stolen or being manipulated.

After spending a good amount of time with the application, we think it’s safe to say that, even in its beta phase, Family iBoard is a very impressive piece of software. Between all the neat sharing features it offers your family members and the keen focus on privacy, the iBoard is sure to garner your interest. Below is a breakdown of how it works.

Security –

At its foundation, the iBoard is a desktop application, meaning you download it to your laptop or home PC and launch it as a program. Though our review was based on the beta version of this, the folks behind Family iBoard say it will be available on all iOS devices when it goes public.

The best thing about the iBoard is you don’t have to worry about configuring any privacy settings. Every piece of content that you or your family member uploads to the iBoard is automatically encrypted (secured) and backed up on the iBoard cloud servers.

There are no advertisements or promotions in Family iBoard, and all content that is uploaded to your Private Family Network is only viewable by approved family members. Also, content cannot be downloaded from your family’s network, even by members of your own family, unless you specifically authorized it. And in order to join a Private Family Network you must be invited by one of its members.

Features –

The Family iBoard’s focus on family and security doesn’t make it a lame or boring app. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as family members get access to all the basic, fun social networking functions, like uploading photos, commenting, sending messages and chatting. Each individual family member can also customize the look of their iBoard, giving each member a sense of personalization in their Private Family Network. Afterall, this is why many adults are drawn to social networking – it’s a means to connect and share with just our families or those we specifically want to connect with. This is why we like iBoard so much!


The Timeline feature allows you to see your family members’ contributions to the iBoard – what they posted and when. And if your family would benefit from a practical solution to organizing family reunions, birthday parties or school plays, the Calendar feature should prove to be useful.



Though very similar in their presentation and function, both the Keepsake feature and Stories feature of the iBoard are really great ways for loved ones to share precious memories with each other.



The recipe sharing feature of the iBoard was also very impressive and easy to use. Every field was clearly labeled and in a logical order so you can easily transfer a recipe from your family cookbook. For example, as you type in a particular ingredient, the iBoard will auto-fill the field with what it thinks you mean, making the entire process quick and very user-friendly.



FamilyiBoard gives families the best aspects of a social network but with the security and closeness of family gatherings, and because of that, it has the potential to bring families closer together without worrying about things like online privacy. A majority of its features are well constructed and very user-friendly, and if the beta is any indication of what the full version will be like, we can confidently say that the FamilyiBoard is definitely worth checking out.

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