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Advice for Life App Review

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Advice for Life ($.99) is a new application by Parenting Bookmark that gives you a panel of parenting, relationship and health experts right on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The app grants you access to videos and podcasts created by the experts, their weekly updated tips and advice, as well as the ability to message them to get their “Expert Scoop” on a situation.

The application is well thought-out and easy to use. The information that’s offered to you is simple, easy to follow and very valuable. It actually feels like you’re having 1-on-1 time with the experts. The advice articles about Parenting, Relationships, Health & Wellness, and Inspiration are also updated regularly, giving you access to new information on a weekly basis.


Two features that we really liked about the application were the videos and the “To Do” calendar. Each video is only about three minutes long, but each one gives helpful advice from multiple experts. The calendar shows helpful daily tips and goals that you can set for yourself that day, week or month.


The “Ask” function on Advice for Life provides you with a list of email addresses for the experts that have contributed to the application. We hope they plan to add phone numbers, Skype usernames or links to their social media profiles as this is such a great feature.

As a website that acts as an online-safety information resource for families, trying to provide parents with as much relevant information as possible, we see the great value and potential of Advice for Life. It does a great job of giving parents a trove of information in such a constrained format. Between the very informative and well-made “To Do” calendar, expert videos and audio guides, all of which are updated frequently, Advice for Life is a must-get app for all parents and well worth the 99 cent investment.

Click here to buy Advice for Life in iTunes.


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  • This app is truly amazing and comes at a good time. Most of us need a little boost from time to time or the ability to get a little advice and here you have it. Nationally known experts and content that makes you think and helps with your life. As I went through it I saw so much that was of interest and benefit I know I will be back many times in the future. And it is all easy to understand! Great find!

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