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Tshaka and Kelli When it comes to Internet-safety education, Tshaka Armstrong’s non-profit company Digital Shepherds does it all. Their motto is: “Helping families cross the digital divide”, and that’ exactly what they do.

Tshaka and his wife Kelli literally place online-safety education in the hands of kids and their parents. How? Through their workshops, live demos and assemblies—each focusing on something different—but all done in an effort to empower families with the tools they need to have a safe digital experience. I think that’s why Tshaka and I have had the chemistry that we’ve had. We’re both striving to provide families with relevant and user-friendly solutions.

One of the most admirable things about Tshaka is his constant recognition of the need for online-safety education. You can sense his passion about the subject when he’s talking about it on Twitter and Facebook.

I know a lot of people that work in the field of Internet safety, but not everyone actually takes the time to go into schools and talk to kids about cyberbullying, or sexting, or how to stay safe on social networks—and Tshaka is one of them. Even more so, he stands out among others. His work has generated awareness among hundreds of parents and children. In my opinion, what he’s accomplished with Digital Shepherds (and continues today, even today) should be recognized by parents and educators everywhere as proof that Internet safety CAN and should be taught in schools, that kids WANT to learn about it, and that kids and their parents ARE looking for safe alternatives and practices.

Thanks for the inspiration, Tshaka, and keep doing what you’re doing. We can’t have enough people in the world like you.

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  • Wow! Thank you so much for that Mary Kay. I feel like there are so many other people out there with advanced degrees and PhD’s who are better suited, or would be listened to more by larger audiences and we’re just the “little guy” trying hard to make a difference as well, so I can’t completely put into words how much your kind words mean!
    Thank you for that and I’m glad to be “in the fight” with you to help make our kids more savvy, our parents more knowledgable and the internet/connected technologies safer for all.

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