How Risky Is Your Digital Behavior?

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I was browsing Linda Criddle’s Online Safety blog when I came across this interesting tool.  It’s a Digital Privacy Quiz created by the ACLU.  Essentially what the quiz does is show you the impact you have on your privacy when you use every-day digital technologies like email, social networks, or even your cell phone. 

The best thing about the quiz is, every time you choose your answer, a cool, yet very informative factoid pops up that relates to the answer you chose.  The quiz then takes all of your and gives you your very own risk assessment.

Unfortunately for me, my everyday digital practice yielded a high risk assessment—but this is of course reflective of the fact that I’m constantly using email and social networks for my business! LOL.  Nevertheless, this quiz is a very eye-opening tool.

As you know, a lot of my blogs focus on the importance of online privacy.  And whether you feel as strongly about it as I do or not, it’s important to know where your information is going and when it’s going there.  This quiz helps you realize that.  So like Linda Criddle said, take a few minutes and quiz yourself.  You’ll most likely be surprised by your assessment!   

I also recommend setting aside 5-10 minutes to take this quiz with your kids. It’s a great conversation starter and the perfect opportunity to teach them a thing or two about digital safety.

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