i-Dosing: Is it a Drug or Just a Concerning Phase?

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Honestly parents, I don’t know what to think about this.  It’s enough to worry about sexual predators, identity thieves, and cyberbullies attacking and targeting our children, but i-Dosing is something that kids are doing on their own.  That said, what “i-dosers” are doing is getting high off of certain types of MP3s, the most common MP3 being a track called “Gates of Hades”.  Apparently this sound induces a state of ecstasy, which in turn causes the listener to freak out.  Sadly, these children are posting their i-Dosing experiences on YouTube for others to see.

I would say that what the kids are listening to is music, but that’s not what it is.  It’s more of a long and steady whirring and monotonous sound that uses “two-tone” technology to alter the listener’s brain waves and mental state. 

 To be honest, my first reaction was to close my browser once I started watching the video.  But as I continued to watch, I saw the types of reactions that these kids were having.  Now I’m no doctor, but I know that those kids were experiencing pain; the children were literally throwing the headphones off their head, and at times, coiling up into the fetal position! 

Seeing these reactions is what made me want to blog about it.  I think it’s important for parents to be aware of this issue, and that’s why I brought it up.  But I want to hear from you.  Do you think it’s a drug?  Or do you think that it’s just a phase that will eventually fade away? (I sure hope so) It’s important that we discuss this, so please comment on this blog to join the discussion. 

I was, and still am, reticent about posting something that could unintentionally open up new doors for abuse. While my blog is clearly aimed to help parents and adults, I never know if teens are reading it. Hence my apprehension to bring awareness to something “new” that could adversely affect young people. 

That said, I had three older teens at my house tonight—19, 17, and 16 years of age. I showed them my unpublished blog post on this. None of them had seen or heard of i-dosing. I asked them all to promise me they wouldn’t “try it” because I talked to them about it, and the inherent dangers. (They said: You’re such a mom!) Then they all looked at me after viewing the videos and said, without laughing:” You know, anyone that does this is stupid. So many kids do crazy stuff. This is just the beginning. Kids slit their arms open to look at the flow of blood”. (Really? I said.) They continued on and surprised me by saying: “This is good to know what stupid kids are doing. Now I know what Gates of Hades is. It’s pretty cool of you to know this before we did.” (I guess that’s a good thing, right?)

UPDATE Aug 9, 2010 from TheOnlineMom.com———————

Seems like I wasn’t the only Mom blogger who was writing about this topic.  A few days after my post, I came across another article from Monica Vila’s site, TheOnlineMom.com.

The news was the same, but I wanted to share with you an interesting quote from Dr. Helane Wahben. Her input came as a relief to say the least:

“Scientists […] say that the phenomenon known as iDosing is harmless and nothing new. Dr Helane Wahbeh, a Naturopathic Physician and Clinician Researcher at the Oregon Health and Science University, told NPR News that iDosing is more properly known as ‘binaural beat therapy’, which has been used to treat everything from sleep disorders to anxiety to PMS.”

“’Binaural beats happen when opposite ears receive two different sound waves,’ said Dr Wahbeh. ‘When you listen to these sounds with stereo headphones, the listener senses the difference between the two frequencies as another beat that sounds like it’s coming from the inside of the head.'”

Parents, the videos are overwhelming and worrisome to say the least.  All I could think was “this has got to be a joke”, I mean, can we parents NOT have something to worry about for a change?  Even so, I feel that we parents need some sort of solution to this problem.  The good thing is, now that you’re aware of the problem, you can talk to your children.  Let them know that you’re aware of it, and talk to them about the health consequences that can come from i-Dosing. 

One preventative security measure that you can take is searching for any trace of the MP3 “Gates of Hades” on the home computer that your child uses.  Just follow these steps:

1.       On Windows Vista or 7 – Click the start button in the bottom left of your screen.


2.       In the Search bar, type in “Gates of Hades”, or “gatesofhades”.  Either one of these should bring up some results if the file exists on your hard drive.

  •  If you’re running an older version of Windows, like XP – Click on the Start menu in the bottom left.

  Scroll up to Search and click on Files and Folders.

3.       In the box that pops up, click on “All files and Folders” in the left pane.

4.       Type in the same as mentioned above.

5.       Talk to the young people in your life. Like me, their reaction might surprise you. (Save being shocked when you are alone in your room.) Talking is a good thing.

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  • Thank you for your comment, Sandra.
    I’ve been asked the same question by others. I don’t know what happens to the children.
    I don’t know if there has been neurological testing. Youtube is filled with these same types of videos. I specifically didn’t want to provide links to them.

  • Mary Kay, what disturbs me even deeper is what the “friends” recording did…laughing? Funny? Take a picture and walk away? Leaving the person without concern? Funny?
    Next thought is: what happens after this “trama”? Does the person have lasting pains, dreams, headaches, unable to concentrate, fears, depressions, altered sleep patterns?
    I was unknowingly drugged once, the side effects were horrid to me. I would have died except I was not a teen, I was in my 30’s and I knew a lot about health, body systems, etc. When I started the shut down process from the Autonomic Nervous system, I started to coach my body parts to beat/breath/beat/breath and I made it! But, would someone ELSE know to do that? What if I was asleep when it happened?
    That one episode caused my brain to refuse/not need sleep for 3 days. My mother surmised the brain said it would not sleep until it knew things were okay. I agree. What does this i-dosing do to the children? I want to know. Wish we could track down some of them and ask.

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