’s Guide to Life After College – My Thoughts and Why I Recommend It!

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Book Cover As avid readers of my blog probably know, I always stress how important it is that kids and teens take caution when posting personal information about themselves online.  Though posting their home address, phone number, or email address on their social networking profile isn’t the smartest of ideas; it’s also important to consider how certain content they post online can affect their reputation, credibility, or public image.

As kids become teens, graduate high school, and eventually move on to college, these factors become even more important—the obvious reason being job hunting.  After all, no one wants a potential employer to come across a collage of weekend partying and boozing on their Facebook profile.

Luckily, a few post-college grads got together and put together a manifesto of some really useful tips, advice, and overall guidance for life after college.  The book is called’s Guide to Life after College, and it was written by Chris Schonberger, Stuart Schultz, and Tory Hoen.  Though the authors cover some really important topics for post-grads, such as finding an apartment, applying for jobs, and how to save money; they also do a really great job of highlighting the importance of maintaining a positive image online.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

“…making your Facebook profile work-appropriate is a pretty simple task: Change your privacy settings and try to avoid obvious red flags like bad-mouthing of employers, drug use, and racism. Gaining Facebook acceptance among your peers, on the other hand, is a complex and nuanced subject worthy of careful consideration.”

An employee of mine, who’s also graduating very soon, told me that he wishes he had this book when he first began attending college as it would’ve been his bible.  Though he’s never had a problem with his image being tarnished on social networks, he admitted that there’s a ton of advice in the book that would’ve helped him greatly.

With that said, this book is a fantastic resource and I encourage both parents and students to give it a shot!

You can find it on here

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  • Mary Kay I loved your article and the passion that goes with it I have to admit that I have never heard of the book’s Guide to Life after College,I am delighted that info such as this is available and wish and support you in your efforts I will read on and comment where it is appropriate

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