Mom Sues Kids for Attacking Son Online

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Woman-Arms-Crossed Parents,

Here’s another example why eliminating anonymity and holding members accountable for their actions is so important; another reason why parental consent should be required for kids and teens participating on social networking sites.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Illinois mother Laura Cook is suing four children for defaming her son. Cook claims the children set up a fake Facebook profile for her son, which they used to damage his reputation. The four defendants allegedly made posts making her son out to be a racist, and falsely and obscenely described his sexuality. The suit claims that the profile (which had over 580 friends as of its removal) harmed Cook’s son’s reputation with friends and athletic peers.

Thank goodness for the mother that stood up for her son, and is leveraging her involvement in her son’s online life, just as she likely would in his offline life. While I may have taken a different approach than Laura Cook did. I’m really glad she was proactive and confronted these cyberbullies.

Mothers and Fathers, Mums and Dads: You can’t be too protective; too diligent. Help protect your children like Laura Cook did. Decide that anonymity is not for your child. And may I be so bold by asking you to change things personally for your child? Consider providing an alternative solution for them by consenting to their membership at

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