AT&T Smart Limits

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Has your child ever woke up on a school-day morning looking like they didn’t quite get a full-nights sleep?

Have you worried that they’ve been distracted with text messaging when it was homework or study time?

Have any of your kids had their phone taken away at school because they were texting instead of paying attention to the teacher?

It’s a fact that our kids are inundated 24/7 with phone calls, text messages, instant messages, email, and profile comments.  Sometimes they just need to be unplugged so they can rest and focus.

Fortunately, I found a product from AT&T that helps parents do just that for their kids: Smart Limits.

You can take the stress out of reminding your teens to bring their phone out of their room at night – when they consistently “forget”. Or, you can save yourself the hassle of telling them not to text in the middle of class to the irritation of their teacher, and to the
disservice it does to their learning.

The service isn’t free. But for $15 a month, it’s well worth the rest your kids gain, the temptation that’s no longer put in front of them,
the distractions at the wrong time they don’t need, and peace of mind for you.

AT&T Smart Limits

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