Purposeful Activites and Engagement – The Often Missing but Critical Component To Positive Social Networking

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We refer to it as: Purposeful Activities and Engagement at Yoursphere.com

While the integration of technology, human oversight, and parental involvement are the foundation of creating a community that puts the safety of it’s members first, it’s the providing kids and teens the opportunity to purposefully engage in our community that is important to us.  It is what makes Yoursphere unique.  We provide a positive, supportive, rewarding and engaging way for our kid and teen members to communicate with others about their interests, talents and aspirations.

I’ve always enjoyed, and even felt grateful to be around my daughter and her teammates when they’ve won a soccer match. To hear their excitement and replay of the winning goal. My younger sons when they were so excited to have won a baseball game and had successfully “stolen home”, or hit a double. I’ve been thrilled when they rushed in the house telling me they got an A on their project or did well on a test.

This weekend I was inspired by a cast of sixty students that performed in a musical tribute. To see young performers singing,
dancing, laughing and truly enjoying themselves…it just made me smile.  They were all so passionate about their love of theatre and drama.  Their participation so meaningful, so purposeful. So transparent. So positive.

Yoursphere is here to facilitate, support and provide the online continuum of that engagement in our spheres – sports, music, movies
& tv, academics, notebook, and more. We’ve seen a burst of creativity among members with the expanded ability to create their “own spheres”.  There have been a “Twilight”, “Green Jewelry”, “Downhill skiing”, “Jonas Brothers”, “Social Studies” “My Pet”, “Love Mary”, a
“Wii Mi” spheres created.  Kids have invited friends from the community, shown off their creativity and engaged purposefully with others with their interests and talents front and center.

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