Understanding Facebook’s Stickiness

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The folks at CNNMoney just posted a great article titled How Facebook is taking over our lives. True enough! It does seem that all the buzz these days is about how Facebook is taking over the online world. Why? Because — to use another Internet buzzword — Facebook is sticky.

The reporter writes: The “stickiness” of the site is a key part of 24-year-old CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s original plan to build an online version of the relationships we have in real life. Offline we bump into friends and end up talking for hours. We flip through old photos with our family. We join clubs. Facebook lets us do all that in digital form.

So what is “sticky”? Sticky means that the site keeps you engaged. You might log in to read new messages, but then see that one friend has posted new pictures and another friend posted a link to an interesting video. So you stay on the site longer than you might have planned!

At Yoursphere.com, we are dedicated to providing a “sticky” site that keeps kids engaged in purposeful activities. On other social networking sites, activities are limited to posting pictures and writing blog posts. On Yoursphere.com, they can create their own “spheres,” which are user-created groups that focus on a specific topic. We provide categories — such as Music, Art and Photography or Fashion — and the kids provide their own topics — like Jonas Brothers, Drawing and Green (not the color) Fashion.

When Mary Kay dreamed up the concept of Yoursphere, she believed that focusing the kids’ creativity would go a long way toward reducing inappropriate online behavior. From what we’ve seen so far, she was right on target!

Just like any worthwhile endeavor, Yoursphere requires commitment from everyone involved. The Yoursphere team is committed to providing a safe, productively “sticky” site. Your commitment as a parent means verifying your child’s membership and paying for the membership dues.

If we grownups live up to those roles, the kids will be more than happy to spend their time on Yoursphere, building “spheres,” sharing
with their friends and engaging in productive, fun time online.

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