Why Yoursphere Gives Credits and Rewards

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The moms over at Silicon Valley Moms Blog have been talking about rewards. The basic question is this: Have rewards taken over our lives?!

I chuckled to think about all of the chocolate and fruity candy handed out every day across the United States to reward children for getting ready for school on time, doing their homework, walking nicely in line, finishing their dinner… the list goes on and on. It got me thinking about the rewards we offer to Yoursphere members.

Yes, we have a reward program! And we have contests with prizes. Why?

First of all, we want to encourage participation and engagement in the community. To facilitate that, members get credits for certain activities, like making a blog post or uploading a picture. To keep them from gaming the system, the number of credits for each activity is secret and it’s changed every now and then.

Then, we offer rewards based on the number of credits that the member collects. Our goal is to give them something to shoot for. You couldn’t earn enough credits to get a prize in a single weekend or even a month. We think of earning a reward like a semester project!

Now about the contests…. Most of the contests are designed to encourage our members to contribute some kind of content. So far, we’ve had contests to upload pictures of school activities and pets. Right now, we’re holding a contest where our members tell us about their BFFs (that’s best friends in teenspeak). Other contests are just for fun or to support a charity. Members get credit for submitting an entry and for voting (when winners are based on the number of votes).

So you see, the goal is to reward our members for doing what they love to do — telling stories, posting pictures, sharing experiences,
making friends! And if they can be rewarded for doing all those things in a safe, teen-only community, all the better.

Read more about the rewards and contests on the Yoursphere website, and check out the cool teen-approved products.

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