Internet Crime Could Spread Through Social Networks

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PCWorld has an interesting article that says the next wave of Internet crime could come from social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. The article quotes cyber-security guru Peter Gutmann: “I would assume internet crime will migrate to social networking sites in the future.”

So why would someone who develops encryption software be concerned about social networking sites?


First, the plug-ins and add-ons that are popular on Facebook and MySpace are basically computer software. Adding these to your account could easily result in software trojans or viruses being downloaded to your computer. For the record, none have been reported but the possibility exists. The application could also exploit any personal information that you have added to your profile.

Second, those applications build a level of trust between you and the application publisher. While the application might seem non-intrusive or dangerous, what do you really know about the publisher?

It doesn’t take much to get an application integrated into most social networking sites, so thoroughly investigate who publishes that
application and read the terms of use with any application that you add to your account.

Just so you know: verifies the identity of every parent before their children are allowed to interact with other teens. And we never allow any outside entity to access any personal information.

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